Our Services

Valuation Services

SIA Group provides a comprehensive independent valuation service for all types of assets including inventory (stock), machinery & equipment, account receivables, intangibles and property in a broad spectrum of industries globally.

Our experienced team have an expansive knowledge of  tangible and intangible business assets with specific expertise in the following sectors: automotive, agriculture, aviation, chemicals, construction equipment, electronics & semi-conductors, food & beverage, telecom, machine tools & metalworking, marine, paper, printing, plastics, warehouse & material handling and woodwork & timber processing.

SIA Group valuations are accepted/ panel approved by most major asset based lenders in the UK and are viewed by restructuring firms and financial sponsors as the industry standard for reliable and credible work product.

Advisory Services

SIA Group provides a range of advisory services to lenders and corporate restructuring professionals

Lender Services

Our highly specialised team includes seasoned ex- corporate bankers, asset financiers and analysts who understand credit risk, lending requirements and the importance of strict adherence to tight reporting deadlines. We provide pre-lend collateral due diligence, on-going collateral monitoring services and exit strategy advice to world leading asset based lenders, banks and financial sponsors.

Corporate Restructuring Services

SIA Group continues to be at the forefront of assisting corporate restructuring professionals with their security, health & safety, environmental risk and site clearance requirements.

Asset Disposal

SIA Group has over 20 years’ experience in conducting asset disposals. We thrive on knowing when and how to sell assets and have an extensive database of purchasers globally who are interested in all types of assets which are disposed of by private treaty, tender or auction. With our database across all industry sectors, supported by local market intelligence, together with historic and future trends of asset values, our experienced team will work with you in deciding the best method of disposal to achieve the maximum realisation.

Aviation Valuation and Disposal

SIA Group has extensive knowledge of the aviation sector and our specialist team provide the appraisal, management and disposition of aviation assets. We are distinctive in that we employ our own pilots, technicians and have the expertise to provide confidence in our opinions of values and our disposal strategies for these complex assets.

Leasing Services

SIA Group provides a bespoke service to leasing firms covering asset advisory, asset lifecycle and asset utilisation for leasing company portfolio’s Leasing Asset Advisory focuses on the new business aspect of the leasing sector with professional consultancy advice.

Asset Lifecycle  focuses on the economic life of the asset and refers specifically to the leased asset economic life. It builds upon the concept highlighted by the Basel III regulatory accord whereby leasing firms should understand all risks associated with their portfolio at all key asset lifecycle points.

Asset Utilise unlocks asset value and provide our clients with a reliable and consistent portfolio disposal programme.