“My working relationship with SIA Group spans 20 years and numerous projects. They know our industry and our issues intimately. They are at the top of their game in the asset based lending space.

What consistently sets them apart is their responsiveness and commerciality. I know if I phoned them right now they would be on site tonight. They embody what ‘a safe pair of hands’ means.”

Carl Jackson, Managing Partner, Quantuma LLP

responsiveness and commerciality”

“I have worked with Paul, Matt and Scott on a number of projects, not only UK based, but also across Scandinavia and the US. They have supported us on both existing and potential deals.
SIA Group always push the boat out. They are flexible on timing, easily contactable and very often exceed expectations and deliver early.

Their ability to both appraise and sell assets, combined with their thorough grasp of technical, legal and commercial issues makes them a rare and valuable asset themselves.”

Greg Beamish, Director, ESO Capital

rare and valuable asset themselves”

“I have worked with SIA Group on both business reviews and examinations of potential new business.
What I like about SIA Group is that they do not over engineer. They identify the value drivers and potentials risks in a business with intuitive ease. They get to the point and get to the heart of issues quickly. That combination of practicality and commerciality is a good ally to have in your camp.”

Nick Leitch, Director, Seneca Partners

get to the point”

“SIA Group are a great team and very easy to work with. They pull out all the stops at short notice and are always responsive and on the case.

The finest attribute is their reports. Easy to read and concise, they tell us exactly what we need to know. Very impressive.”

Tracy Turner, Head Of Operations, Commercial Finance, Hampshire Trust Bank

finest attribute is their reports”

“This was the first time we had come across SIA. The speed with which they were on site, and also the amount of time they spent on site, was very impressive. They always provided us with swift responses, making it as easy as possible for us to get on with our job. For example, when offers were received for assets, they were extremely quick at putting an email report together and gave very clear recommendations. Daniel is a family business that had fallen apart and the SIA team demonstrated extremely high levels of sensitivity and diplomacy throughout to ensure the job kept on track. Although this was the first time we had worked with SIA, it has not been the last. We used them immediately after Daniel on the next job.”

David Elliott, Assistant Director and Mark Bailey, Assistant Director, Deloitte LLP, (Manchester)

demonstrated extremely high levels of sensitivity and diplomacy”

“I have worked with Paul Craig in previous roles and it is delightful to see his commitment to quality and his exceptional knowledge shared amongst the whole team. What makes SIA Group stand out is their willingness to discuss their findings and to explain why they have come to the conclusions they have. Far too often elsewhere we have experienced an unwillingness to do this. SIA never take your business for granted, unlike some longer established providers. You get the best from SIA every time, without compromise”

Danny Burden, Director, Risk and Asset Management, BNP Paribas Commercial Finance

willingness to discuss findings”

“Speed and accuracy were the order of the day to ensure the right outcome and the SIA Group team met that challenge extremely well”

Andrew Rutherford, Business Development Director, Centric Commercial Finance

speed and accuracy”

“I worked very closely with Matt Earl of SIA Group through the clearance of the Buckfast yarn plant and his honesty and integrity is head and shoulders above anybody I have ever dealt with in his profession. Matt got the best prices and best solutions he could ever have got. There were no quick fixes or quick wins. Absolutely first class.”

Les Tonkin, Yarn Divisional Director, Axminster Carpets Limited

absolutely first class”

“SIA Group conducted a valuation of Inventory and Machinery & Equipment for a business that we were involved in as management consultants.  We were extremely impressed with their level of planning, attention to detail and ability to meet a tight deadline. The reports were first class, insightful and professional. We won’t hesitate using SIA on future assignments.”

Declan McKelvey, Management Consultant

first class, insightful”

“SIA Group assisted the management team throughout the restructuring process and provided professional advice on the assets at all times. They were integral throughout proceedings and their deep understanding and specialist knowledge of the business and its assets ensured a successful outcome from challenging circumstances. We were also extremely impressed with their focus on customer care, arranging security so quickly, helping with press at a time when things were very difficult and hectic. SIA’s experience and guidance was greatly appreciated by all the Directors.

Josh Dutfield, Managing Director Axminster Carpets Limited

focus on customer care”

“Not only did SIA Group deliver on the valuation and inventory realisation they provided real added value, helped us achieve a great result and were an integral part of our team”.

Andrew Stoneman, Partner Duff & Phelps

helped us achieve a great result”

“SIA Group Advisory Services provides comprehensive asset valuation support in connection with our funding facilities. They are highly regarded for their thoroughness and reliability. Their ability to provide accounts receivable due diligence, inventory appraisals and machinery & equipment valuations on a single transaction creates tremendous efficiencies”.

Daniel Harrison, Director Risk & Operations at PNC Business Credit

highly regarded for their thoroughness and reliability”

“The sale of one of the most valuable carriages was concluded in a very short time, with the purchaser not only agreeing to replace the third party wheels but also to return them to the original owner. SIA Group sold all the assets and the secured creditors were paid in full as a result. The Joint Administrators were very pleased with the way SIA Group dealt with these unusual assets quickly and efficiently to provide a good return for creditors. RSM Tenon Recovery regularly instructs SIA Group on its complex and high profile cases”

Jim Haddow, Director – RSM Tenon

SIA Group dealt with these unusual assets quickly and efficiently”

“Having worked with SIA Group on a number of transactions, I have found them both professional and experienced. The work is conducted within agreed timescales and costs and I find the reports easy to read and understand whilst giving me all the relevant and pertinent information I require”

Tracy Turner, Managing Director, Business Certainty

professional and experienced”

“Expertise, professional approach and working to tight deadlines are just a few characteristics which give the SIA Group a competitive edge within the asset valuation arena. We appointed SIA Group for a debtor book valuation and their team worked to very high standards and allowed the deal to be put in place within the agreed timescale. We would definitely engage with SIA Group again”

Finance Team, Adelie Food Holdings Limited

We would definitely engage with SIA Group again”